Supermicro – Hadoop

Supermicro - Hadoop


Hadoop is an open-source project administered by the Apache Software Foundation. Hadoop’s contributors work for some of the world’s biggest technology companies. That diverse, motivated community has produced a genuinely innovative platform for consolidating, combining and understanding data. Enterprises today collect and generate more data than ever before. Relational and data warehouse products excel at OLAP and OLTP workloads over structured data. Hadoop, however, was designed to solve a different problem: the scalable, Supermicro 42U Rack reliable storage and analysis of both structured and complex data. As a result, many enterprises deploy Hadoop alongside their legacy IT systems, allowing them to combine old and new data sets in powerful new ways. Technically, Hadoop consists of two key services: reliable data storage using the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and high-performance parallel data processing using a technique called MapReduce. Hadoop runs on a collection of commodity, shared-nothing servers. You can add or remove servers in a Hadoop cluster at will; the system detects and compensates for hardware or system problems on any server. Hadoop, in other words, is self-healing. It can deliver data – and can run large-scale, high-performance processing jobs – in spite of system changes or failures.

Why Are Supermicro’s Turnkey Cluster Racks ideal for Apache Hadoop?

Supermicro 14U Rack Supermicro designs and develops the ideal turnkey pilot racks for getting started with Apache Hadoop. Leveraging Supermicro’s optimized servers and switches as a foundation, Supermicro has designed two turnkey racks to get anyone started – 14U and 42U versions. Supermicro has focused on integration, remote systems and power management to lower the deployment and commissioning timeframes to provide developers access to native hardware environments, quickly and easily. Read Flyer to learn more about Supermicro’s 14U, 42U Hadoop Racks, and extensive line of 1U and 2U rack mount servers optimized for Hadoop.

Benefits via Supermicro Hadoop Infrastructure

• The industry’s broadest line of Enterprise Hadoop Infrastructure & Server Building Block Solutions® :
• Wide range of servers based upon Intel® Xeon® Processor 5600/5500 series
• Enterprise-ready compute and storage with high reliability, quality and performance at an affordable price point
• Hot Swap Direct Attach 4x, 6x, 8x, and 12x 3.5″ Hard Disk Drives per Node
• 93%+ Gold Level and 94% Platinum Level Efficiency – Redundant Hot-Swap PMBus Power Supplies
• Remote Systems and Cluster Management with Onboard IPMI and included IPMI View
• Cost effective Layer 3 10GbE Switches and Layer 3 1GbE Switches with 10GbE uplinks

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