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When it comes to choosing a data backup solution, the large amount of options available and different vendors all claiming they have the best products can leave one in a state of confusion and doubt. Especially when your choice of backup solution is such a business critical decision.

Once you are through the initial search for “which product/s are a good technical fit”, we would also suggest that a key question worth considering is…

“which backup solution/product/company/ really cares about and values their customers”?


“Which backup vendor takes the time to listen to its client’s needs and concerns AND will be there for them after-sale if something goes wrong”?


“Which company puts its money where its mouth is and truly CARES about their clients”?


Unitrends not only continues to set the standard in virtual and physical server data protection, but its support team boasts a 99% customer satisfaction rate, further reinforcing its reputation for quality.”

Unitrends’ investment in customer support sets them apart. It is their support team that makes them more than a product: they are your partner in data protection. Don’t believe us? Well, we agree that it’s always a good practice to seek third-party opinions. As such, please see here for what Unitrends clients are saying themselves…

As well as the Unitrends support team being available 24×7 to support clients, further resources to support Unitrends customers include;

Unitrends cares. They really do.

More reading…. Backup and Delighting Customers by Mark Campbell

Please contact Sentral [UK Unitrends Reseller] to discuss your backup requirements.

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