Our Best Server Offer: 5 Supermicro Servers for under £1,500!!!!!

1U Supermicro 14″ Chassis | 260w PSU |Front Mount (CSE-512L-260B)
CPU(s): Intel G620 (2*2.6Ghz/3MB/5GT’s)
RAM: 2GB DDR3 1333 ECC (KVR13E9/2HC)
HDD(s): 500GB SATA 600
Payment with Order Price: £1,499.99 TOTAL for FIVE units!!!
Delivery: £25.00 TOTAL for FIVE units!!!
Optional Upgrades: i3 2120 (2/4*3.3Ghz/3MB/5GT’s) £39.00/unit
E3-1220v2 (4*3.1Ghz/8MB/5GT’s) £98.00/unit
To 8GB DDR3 1333 ECC (2*4096) £28.00/unit
Additional 500GB SATA 600 £45.00/unit
1TB SATA 600 £11.50/unit
2* 1TB SATA 600 £68.00/unit
Mounting Rail Kit (PT08L) £20.00/unit

Please check all components and configurations are suitable for your project before ordering.
PWO = Payment with Order. All prices shown are for single units unless stated and exclude delivery & VAT @ 20%. Quotation is valid for 7 Days. E&OE. Any price shown for software is based solely on purchase and installation only and does not include ongoing software support.

Stock is limited so orders are being accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Call us today on:
08456 448 016

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