Supermicro UK – Ready To Go – ‘The Scalable Server’ RZ-1280i

Further to the last blog entry when we introduced ‘The Cloud Server‘ which is the first of the Supermicro ‘Ready To Go’ range of servers and workstations, please see below for the second part of this five part series.

• Includes 8 x 2.5” Hot-Swap Hard Drive SAS Bays for Scale-Out requirements.

• The RZ-1280i supports significantly more memory up to 512GB, in 16 DIMMS compared to previous generations.

• The Wide IO technology enables the end customer to add up to 2x PCI-E 3.0 x16 Full-height, Half    length add on cards in the 1U form factor.

• 700w 1+1 Redundant Gold Level High-Efficiency Power Supply designed to run at significantly higher efficiencies of up to 92%+, thus greatly reducing energy losses and the total cost of ownership (TCO).

• Optimized system architecture designed to take advantage of Supermicro’s power saving technology to produce optimal cooling at all application levels.


We used to scale up our hardware by adding more memory, upgrading the CPU or adding more hard drives and, when we totally ran out of options we might have then replaced the entire server. In today’s computing world, however, we typically have the option to scale-out and the RZ-1280i fits the bill perfectly. Equipped with the latest Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600, this server is ready for the most demanding tasks whilst the 8 disk bays provide for huge volumes of storage. However, the strength comes from adding the same servers into your network and being able to deploy your hardware to keep up the pace with user demand without huge up-front costs and avoiding the downtime that can be associated with scaling out.

Contact Sentral for further information and keep a watch out for part 3 of this series, ‘The Small Office Server’

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